Meet the Counselors!

Alex Encinas           Name: Alex Encinas     Hometown: Houston, TX

Course/Year: Course 2, 2021

Energy Affiliations: Energy Studies Minor

Fun Fact: Last year I spent 5 out of 12 months out of the United States, most of which through opportunities offered by MIT.

Bio: I am a rising senior interested in the transition to clean energy generation, a big step towards the decarbonization of our planet. I have been working with the MIT Photovoltaic research lab for over a year and done a couple of internships with clean energy companies. I enjoy building, designing and solving complex problems. On campus I am a member of PKT fraternity and believe that the most valuable thing that MIT has to offer is the people that you get to interact with.

Erick Gbordzoe   Name: Erick Gbordzoe     Hometown: Katy, Texas

Course/Year: 6-3 Sophomore

Energy Affiliations: Energy Club

Fun Fact: I spent 20 hours on tiktok in one week this summer

Bio: Hi everyone! My name's Erick and I'm a Sophomore studying CS. Some of my hobbies are poker, video games, basketball, powerlifting, and music. I'm involved in Poker Club, the Undergraduate Energy Club, IM Sports, and ZBT, so feel free to ask me questions about those activities or anything else about campus!

Sarah Lohmar   Name: Sarah Lohmar     Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Course/Year: Course 11-6, 2022

Energy Affiliations: Energy Studies Minor, Energy Hack Director

Fun Fact: Last summer, I visited a previously radioactive mine on the MITEI trip to Europe!

Bio: On campus I'm a part of the SWE, Asian Dance Team, and Code for Good. I've also really enjoyed my UROP experiences the first one being in lithium ion batteries and the second being machine reading papers in an EAPS lab. Some of my hobbies include baking and photography!

Brendt Stephens   Name: Brendt Stephens     Hometown: Troy, Michigan

Course/Year: Course 2, 2022

Energy Affiliations: Summer 2019 MITEI UROP, UGE Maker Director, Sustainable Energy Alliance Member

Fun Fact: I watched ATLA every lunch break during my internship. Also I'm living in Oregon for the virtual semester!

Bio: At MIT, I am really interested in sustainability and energy and have been involved through clubs and classes. Outside of energy, I am part of the varsity basketball team, and professional organizations like National Society of Black Engineers. I am also very involved in my fraternity Phi Kappa Sigma (Skullhouse), and am working to increase diversity and inclusion within the fraternity system. I am passionate about intersecting my passions for equity and inclusion with engineering.

Grace Song   Name: Grace Song     Hometown: Houston, TX

Course/Year: Course 6-14, 2023

Energy Affiliations: DE FPOPer, MIT Undergraduate Energy Club Exec

Fun Fact: I can speak four languages, though with highly varying degrees of proficiency

Bio: Hey there! I'm Grace, a 5'3" bean who likes overcommitting-- on campus, I'm a part of the Undergraduate Energy Club, MIT Consulting Group, Camp Kesem, DanceTroupe, and I write for the News section of The Tech. Outside of MIT, I enjoy walking along the Charles and getting way too excited about all the books I don't have enough time to read (add me on Goodreads?)


Name: Sabrina Chan     Hometown: Los Gatos, CA

Course/Year: Environmental Science, 2021

Energy Affiliations: MITEI Education Office Program Assistant

Fun Fact: I'm growing a tomato plant for the first time and I'm really excited about it!

Bio: I am a fourth-year student at Northeastern doing my co-op at the MIT Energy Initiative.  I'm a diver on the Swim and Dive team at NEU.  I'm also a co-leader of a Bible study group called TWIGS, which stands for Together We in Group Small.  Currently, I'm working my way through a 10-book fantasy series and bawling my eyes out.